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A message from the Ambassador Lead:

You are choosing to be a part of the solution and, collectively, we are choosing to take back control from this awful disease.

I salute you for this!

I will be working very closely with the CMT Research Foundation Ambassador team and I will be very contactable for any support you might need, to help you run cool fundraising events and generally to be there as part of the team!

I am looking forward to working with you! 

Gary Donaldson

CMT Research Foundation Ambassador Lead

Who are the CMT Research Foundation Ambassadors? 

The CMT Research Foundation Ambassadors are a team of volunteers dedicated to supporting the work that the CMT Research Foundation is doing towards finding treatments and cures for CMT as soon as possible. 

How do I become a CMT Research Foundation Ambassador? 

First thing, read through the information on this webpage and decide whether you are ready for the role of CMT Research Foundation Ambassador. Once you have done so, click on one of the ‘join the team’ buttons on this page (including the one below). Gary will then be in touch to discuss the next steps. Easy!

What’s expected of me as a CMT Research Foundation Ambassador

We want the Ambassador team to be as successful as possible. To ensure this, there are expectations of the role that each Ambassador agrees to.


We ask all Ambassadors to raise a minimum of $500/£370/€410 for research each calendar year to remain a part of the Ambassador team. But of course, we hope that you can raise more. There are multiple ways to raise these vital funds. 

You can set up an on-going online fundraising page through our dedicated peer to peer platform. Alternatively, you can run a Facebook Fundraiser and/or use a third-party site such as It’s really a choice about which tool you prefer to use and the one that you think will allow you to be as successful as possible. Don’t worry – all are super simple, easy to use and we’ll help you every step of the way! (You can also discuss with Gary which one works best for you and your fundraising goals). 

Once you are set up with a fundraising tool; a link can be sent to whoever you wish, posted on your social media, sent in a round robin email, whatever! The fundraising world is your oyster! 

Plus, the best thing is that you never have to deal with cash – the fundraising tools do all the collecting and sending of donations for you. Simple! 



We want as many people as possible to know about CMT research as possible. As an Ambassador we would expect you to do the following as part of your role:

  • Forward at least one CMT Research Foundation email per month to 10 family, friends and co-workers (if you haven’t already done so sign up to receive our emails here
  • Share at least one CMT Research Foundation social media post per week on your own social media profiles

What benefits will I receive by becoming a CMT Research Foundation Ambassador?

In addition to knowing that you are working as part of the team dedicated to supporting research into CMT treatments discovery; we want you to be rewarded for your dedication. Based on your fundraising efforts you will be rewarded once you reach certain levels as follows:


Name listed on CMTRF Website

Access to quarterly private Ambassador webinars




Name listed on CMTRF Website

Access to quarterly private Ambassador webinars


Social media shout-out

Private meeting with CMTRF leadership



Name listed on CMTRF Website

Access to quarterly private Ambassador webinars


Social media shout-out

Second private meeting with CMTRF leadership

Invite to one CMTRF event with one night stay in hotel covered by Research Foundation


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track the progress of the research I am fundraising for?
The best way to keep up to date on research progress is to be subscribed to receive our emails here. We will also be giving you regular updates during our quarterly private Ambassador webinars.
What happens to the donations that I raise?
The sole mission of the CMT Research Foundation is to deliver treatments and cures to end CMT. As with any disease, these breakthroughs will come from biomedical research. Your donations make this research possible.

Researchers from across the globe submit applications for research funding. Each proposal is carefully vetted by the CMT Research Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board , and only the best are funded. The Board evaluates each proposal based on scientific merit and its likelihood to make an impact in moving us closer to treatments and cures.

Because we feel a sense of urgency to deliver important scientific breakthroughs, proposals are quickly vetted while assuring comprehensive peer-review. Check here all the details on the research we’re currently funding.

But I’m not based in the United States. Can I be a CMT Research Foundation Ambassador?
Yes. CMT affects three million people around the world.  We need everyone to be part of the solution.
Will treatments discovered in the United States benefit me or my family?

Our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) has members from around the globe. And our research partners spread across many countries, not just the US.
Treatments, once developed and approved, will be available to everyone with CMT around the world!


Know more about CMT Research Foundation

Susan Ruediger and Patrick Livney started the CMT Research Foundation in 2018 with one single focus — fund research that leads to the development of treatments and cures for CMT.

Read the CMT Research Foundation founding story here