Become someone that helps build the future of CMT research and treatments

The CMTRF Ambassadors are a dedicated team of volunteers committed to supporting the work that the CMTRF is doing towards finding treatments and cures for CMT. We help connect the CMTRF with our local communities to continue to grow our impact. We raise money, we cheerlead, and we spread awareness. We will help end CMT.

As an Ambassador, you will be invited to exclusive CMT research webinars, be one of the first to know when breaking information hits, and also have the chance to share your story with the researchers that work every day to find treatments for CMT. You will be a part of a community, building a community for others. You will have a platform to make a change for the future of CMT.

What Do We Do?


There are three main Ambassador meetings a year, where Ambassadors stay up-to-date with all that is going on at the foundation. At these meetings, Ambassadors work together to create fundraising and advocacy opportunities for their communities. 


We are proud and excited about the innovative research being funded by the CMTRF and we want you to be, too! Our Ambassadors help spread awareness about CMT research by:  

  • Volunteering for projects in the CMTRF Ambassador Committees 
  • Subscribing and staying current on our CMTRF email updates. You can sign up here – forward them to friends and family and encourage them to subscribe as well! 
  • Sharing CMTRF social media posts to both your personal profile and in community groups. We are present on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok 
  • Utilizing opportunities for a platform in their communities to talk about CMT research (Chelsea will support your needs as you find these opportunities).  

The Ambassadors stand together as a group, even in fundraising. Together, the Ambassadors set a goal of raising at least $5,000/€4,500/£4,000 for research a year. These fundraising efforts are done throughout the year and the team works together to reach their goal. 

We can help support you and your fundraising efforts and come up with fundraising ideas to suit your community and personal interests. For a list of fundraising ideas to get you started, read our blog here. 

There are many platforms that can be used to raise these vital funds. Visit here to see the information we have on setting up online personal fundraisers. 


Letter from Director of Ambassadors 

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the ambassador team and, therefore, a part of the solution as we strive towards increasing research and awareness on CMT so that we can one day end this disease!

I am very excited to work with you and the other Ambassadors as we find your strengths as a volunteer representative of the CMT Research Foundation.

I look forward to chatting with you and getting you started on this meaningful, empowering journey! 

Chelsea Layton

Director of Ambassadors


4062 Peachtree Road
Suite A209
Atlanta, GA 30319

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Media Inquiries

George Simpson


[email protected]