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Explore the frontier of Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease management through our dedicated clinical trials portal. At the CMT Research Foundation, we connect patients, caregivers, and researchers to the latest CMT clinical trials across the globe. Whether you’re seeking to participate or simply stay informed, our up-to-date database offers accessible, crucial information to support advancements in CMT treatments and potential cures. Find out if you qualify for ongoing trials and contribute to groundbreaking research efforts aimed at combating this neurological disorder.

Clinical trials for Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease focus on exploring new treatments and interventions to manage, reduce, or cure the symptoms associated with this group of inherited neurological disorders. These trials are crucial for advancing medical knowledge about CMT and improving patient outcomes. They typically test the efficacy and safety of various pharmaceuticals, gene therapies, or lifestyle interventions, and often seek participation from those affected by CMT to contribute to research that could lead to significant advancements in treatment protocols.

What are CMT Clinical Trials?

CMT clinical trials are specialized research efforts aimed at developing and testing new treatments for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, which affects the peripheral nerves. The trials focus on various aspects of treatment, from medications and gene therapy to physical interventions, and they are essential for advancing understanding and management of the disease.

These trials are not only pivotal for developing treatments but also provide CMT patients with access to cutting-edge therapies that could improve their quality of life. For those interested in participating or learning more about ongoing research, use our tool above to get matched to CMT clinical trials in your area.

Attention patients and families affected by Charcot Marie Tooth Disease Type 2F.

Your participation is invaluable in advancing CMT research. Dr. Shy at the University of Iowa is conducting a study on CMT Subtype Biomarkers and Outcome Measures. The University of Iowa is one of three sites in the U.S. involved in this crucial project.

If you have a genetic diagnosis of CMT2F, you are invited to join them in determining the best methods to measure disease progression. For further details and to express your interest, please contact their study coordinator, Amanda, at [email protected]. Your involvement can make a significant impact.


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