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CMT Research Foundation


Our mission is to deliver treatments and cures for CMT in our lifetime.  We fund the most promising research for CMT that leads to the development of therapeutics for all types of CMT.

Our research priorities drive our funding decisions, however, if you have an interesting approach or idea, we want to hear from you.

 General Application Information

Application Information: There is no application deadline. The CMT Research Foundation advances research as quickly as possible if it aligns with our key objectives. 

Average Duration: One to three years with potential for follow-on funding. Proposals for projects longer than one year in duration should include clearly defined, event-based milestones that serve as decisions points for continuing the project as planned or revising the project to reflect data gathered in initial stages.

Average Award: Typical awards will range from $100,000 to $200,000 per year, based on stage and scope of research. Exceptional proposals with higher budgets are also considered. For studies requiring additional support, co-funding from other funding agencies, companies or investors is encouraged. Please identify cost-sharing opportunities in the LOI.

Eligibility: Funding is open to researchers and clinicians worldwide. Academic medical centers, universities, non-profit and for-profit research organizations are encouraged to apply. Biotechnology companies with an interest in CMT therapeutic development are especially encouraged to submit applications. Funding to for-profit organizations is provided when the project aligns with the mission of the CMT Research Foundation. Funding by the CMT Research Foundation requires the potential for a return on investment if resulting intellectual property becomes commercially profitable. 

The CMT Research Foundation utilizes an iterative application process, where our CMT and commercial experts can provide advice for improving submissions when necessary.  For program-related or application submission inquiries, please email Erich Fasnacht at [email protected].  

Application Process 

1. Letter of Intent

Please submit a 1-2 page letter of intent (PDF format)  through our online portal.  Highlight the specific aims of the project and the milestones expected to be reached after each stage.  Identify any collaborations with companies or institutions that may advance the findings or may co-fund the project. We will evaluate the alignment of your project with our foundation’s mission and objectives.  We will be responding to new LOIs in an ongoing basis. If the response is in the affirmative, you will be asked to submit a full proposal, which will be evaluated by our SAB. 

Submit your Letter of Intent through our online portal 

2. Full Proposal 

After the Letter of Intent review, you may be invited to submit a full proposal (PDF format) that includes: 

  • Lay Summary
  • Scientific Summary and Rationale
  • Specific Aims
  • Background
  • Preliminary Results
  • Experimental Plan
  • References
  • Gantt Chart for Completion of Experimental Plan
  • Detailed Budget with Justification*
  • Other Support (Current and Pending)
  • CVs for the Research Team(s) 

You will receive feedback generally within three to eight weeks from submission regarding the status of your proposal after review by the SAB. 

*The CMT Research Foundation will fund indirect costs up to 10%.


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