The CMT Research Foundation: Delivering Treatments and Cures for Charcot-Marie-Tooth


The CMT Research Foundation is a patient-led, non-profit focused solely on delivering treatments and cures for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. CMT affects one in 2,500 people (about the same prevalence as multiple sclerosis), including 150,000 Americans and more than 3 million people around the world.

We have one single mission: to raise funds to invest in science that will lead to treatments and cures for CMT. Our impact goes beyond simply making investments. We identify key problems or gaps in progress to a cure, then aggressively find partners to attack the problems. We introduce CMT to the greater drug development community, something that has rapidly increased the number of experts working to solve the disease.

We fund projects with the highest likelihood of leading to clinical trials and approved treatments in the near term. All investments are gated, meaning projects need to achieve milestones defined for each phase of work before receiving funding for the next. Every contract includes a return on the CMT Research Foundation’s initial investment which is then reinvested in new projects.

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Registration is Now Open for the CMT Reseach Foundation’s 2024 Global CMT Research Convention

The 2024 CMT Research Convention will examine and discuss advances and remaining challenges in CMT drug development to expand collaboration and accelerate research dedicated to developing treatments for all types of CMT.


CMTRF to Benefit from a Portion of Ticket Sales from Alan Jackson’s 2024-2025 LAST CALL: ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD TOUR

CMTRF is pleased to announce support from Alan Jackson’s LAST CALL ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD TOUR 2024-2025 dates. Building on the success of Jackson’s 2022 tour, the Tour will continue to support and raise awareness for CMT by donating one dollar from every ticket sold. 


ENDGAME, a campaign to raise $10 million, funds critically urgent research to overcome key remaining barriers and to pave the way for clinical trials, treatments and cures for CMT1A. ENDGAME will help eradicate the suffering for not only the 1.5 million people currently affected, but for their future generations.


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