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See the latest news about CMT drug development and read stories from the CMT community that highlight why we must deliver treatments and cures during our lifetime.

Walking Manhattan to Find a Cure

From a young age, Rivka knew that there was something different about her compared to her three siblings; that difference was Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease.Meet Rivka Ligier, a CMT1B patient who is preparing to participate in this year's Great Saunter, a one-day,...

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CMT Research Update/NMD Pharma

NMD Pharma recently published data demonstrating that their drug candidate, NMD670, improves muscle function and neuromuscular transmission deficits in both animal models and patients. Dr. William David Arnold, a member of the CMTRF Scientific Advisory Board, who was...

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Vanderbilt’s Charles Sanders Successfully Finds Molecules That Alter PMP22 Production or Cell Surface Trafficking; In Next Phase Will Test if They Can Improve CMT-like Problems in Schwann Cells

CMT1A is caused by a gene-copying event that results in the overproduction of the peripheral myelin protein 22 (PMP22) in Schwann cells. The excess PMP22 protein fails to traffic normally to the cell surface and instead collects inside the cells as clumps of proteins...

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