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See the latest news about CMT drug development and read stories from the CMT community that highlight why we must deliver treatments and cures during our lifetime.

Italian Research Group Completes CMT Research Foundation-Funded Project, Results Encourage Further Work in New Therapy for Adult and Elderly Patients with CMT1A/CMT1B

By: Kelsie Timbie, CMT Research Foundation The CMT Research Foundation is pleased to announce that Dr. Maurizio D'Antonio's research team at San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan, Italy has completed their CMT Research Foundation-funded project investigating the...

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2022 at CMTRF

Dear Friends of CMTRF, In preparing for another busy year at CMTRF, I took some time recently to look back at the accomplishments of 2022. I am immensely proud of what our team has achieved (summarized below) and I believe it underscores how CMTRF adds significant...

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How to Answer: “What is CMT”

By Kenneth Raymond As a patient and an advocate and a student of the condition, I am often asked, “What exactly is CMT?”. My response is usually along the lines of: “CMT stands for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a rare inheritable neuromuscular peripheral neuropathy...

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Why I Fundraise

My name is Anna and I have CMT1A.  I fight for CMT to raise awareness to help others. I fight for CMT to inspire those living with CMT to feel less daunted about the future I fight for CMT to support research for treatments. I fight for CMT to help find a cure.   I am...

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