Mikey is a sweet boy. Like most boys his age, he loves to swim at the lake, ride his bike, and play outside.

Mikey also has CMT.

And while Mikey never complains about his symptoms and pushes through to enjoy his childhood, he experiences pain even when he’s playing – it hurts his tiny hands and his little feet. Sadly, this pain and hurt have become his normal day. Mikey doesn’t deserve this. 

Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) affects millions of families and kids worldwide, yet still has no cure. It is a neurological disease that causes a lifetime of pain and robs kids of their childhood. This disease worsens over time, leaving many disabled and even wheelchair-bound. 

Because CMT is a rare condition, it is under-funded; but we believe it is also curable. Donate today to help fund research for CMT so that these kids don’t have to lose their entire childhoods to this rare disability.