By submitting a form to participate in the CMT Research Foundation Program (“Application”), each Applicant (as defined below) agrees that it will be fully bound under the following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) in connection with its submission of an Application, and if selected, participation in the Program. All materials submitted are original and have been created by or on behalf of such Applicant (or that all necessary rights have been secured and disclosed in the event others developed them).

Except where prohibited by law, participation in the Application process or Program constitutes the Applicant’s consent for CMT Research Foundation to use of the Applicant’s name, any of its’ employee or agent names or likenesses, and other entry information from the Application, other than the Applicant’s scientific plan, for any purpose in any media without further payment or consideration.

We reserve the right to update these Terms and Conditions at any time, with or without notice. An Applicant’s continued participation in the application process or the Program shall constitute acceptance of these changes to the Terms and Conditions.


The Program Manager or Program Members may, in their  sole discretion, vary or extend any time or date relevant to the selection process or Program or consider an Application submitted after the Application deadline, but we have no obligation to do so.



Any proprietary and confidential information (“Confidential Information”) submitted in an Application may be used in the review and selection process or the Program and be shared with others including Program Members, their affiliates and to their, and their affiliates’, respective directors, employees and advisors. All materials provided to us are deemed to be non-confidential, unless the materials are expressly indicated as “Confidential.” Applicants acknowledge and agree it is their sole obligation to mark Confidential Information as “Confidential.” To the extent materials provided to us are clearly marked as “Confidential,” we will use reasonable efforts to maintain the confidentiality of such materials. If you do not mark materials as “Confidential,” we will not be required to treat the materials as “Confidential” and will incur no liability for doing so.

Ownership of Applications

All Applications are the sole property of the Program. We may adapt, reproduce, publish, translate, create derivative works from, display, distribute or otherwise use the information or materials provided in anApplication, including any Applicant’s names, names, logos, description of activities, photos, videos, recordings in connection with the CMT Research Foundation.   We will consult with the Applicant before disclosing any information about the scientific plan or results to the public.

Intellectual Property Rights

By submitting an Application, each Applicant (i) warrants and represents to the CMT Research Foundation that it owns its product or service solution and that the use of the product or service solution does not infringe, misappropriate or violate the rights of any third party, including but not limited to intellectual property rights and (ii) acknowledges that the management and protection of the Applicant’s intellectual property is the Applicant’s sole responsibility, both during the application phase and if selected as a Participant, during its participation in the Program.

Program Member Rights

The Program Members reserve the right at any time and for any reason to do any of the following:

  • suspend, vary, amend or cease to proceed with the Program selection process or Program;
  • vary or amend the Application form or evaluation criteria;
  • consider and accept or reject any Application that is non-conforming or received after the closing time for Applications;
  • vary or extend any time or date relevant to the selection process or Program;
  • call for new Applications;
  • terminate participation in the selection process by any Applicant;
  • allow any applicant to change its Application;
  • publish or disclose an Applicant’s name, logo and brief description of its activities, whether successful or unsuccessful; or
  • take such other action that we, at our sole discretion, consider
  • the right to obtain from the Program Manager the rectification of inaccurate personal data
  • the right to obtain from the Program Manager erasure of any personal data
  • the right to restriction of processing under certain conditions
  • the right to data portability where technically feasible

Any time or date in these Terms and Conditions is for our sole convenience and does not create an obligation on us to take any action by such time or date.

Termination and variations of the Program

The Program Members reserve the right to terminate an Applicant’s involvement in the Program at their sole discretion at any time, for any reason or no reason at all including if the Participant breaches these Terms and Conditions; or if the Applicant’s employee(s), officers or advisors engage in inappropriate (as determined by Program Members in their sole discretion) such as illegal behavior or behavior disruptive to overall group cohesion. If possible, Applicants will be given reasonable prior notice before they are terminated from the Program.

Applicants may terminate their involvement in the Program during the application process by informing the Program Members in writing at any point until the Participants are named. If a Participant is selected and becomes a Participant, withdrawal from the Application process or the Program by the Participant is only permitted upon written agreement with the Program Members.

Acknowledgment, waiver, indemnity and warranty

By submitting an Application or entering into the Program, each Participant:

  • Acknowledges that participation in the application process or the Program is at the Participant’s sole
  • Agrees to release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless the CMT Research Foundation, the Program Manager, the Program Members, their respective affiliates, employees, officers or advisors from any claims and all losses or damages including their reasonable attorneys’ fees arising in connection with the Participant’s participation or entry into the Program, including personal injury, however arising, negligence, property damage or economic loss resulting directly or indirectly, from acceptance, possession, misuse or use of the Program or participation in any Program-related activity, including participation at any program – related
  • Acknowledges that all Application decisions made by the Program Manager or Program Members are final and that the Applicant will not challenge the outcome in public or
  • Represents that no claim is being asserted and no proceeding is presently in progress, pending or being threatened against the Applicant or any of its assets, and that it is not in default in relation to any contractual obligation, nor has the Participant done or omitted to do anything that could materially and adversely affect its position as a going business
  • Represents that it has not filed for nor is facing proceedings for winding up business or for dissolution, insolvency, bankruptcy, or the appointment of a receiver, liquidator, administrator or similar officer in relation to any of the Participant’s assets or revenue.
  • Agrees it will immediately notify the Program Managers in writing when: (i) the Participant undertakes or commences any action or files any documents for dissolution, applies for insolvency or bankruptcy, (ii) the Participant is administratively or judicially declared insolvent or bankrupt; placed under receivership, administration, rehabilitation or
  • Represents it has the full capacity, authority and relevant consents to execute and perform the obligations under these Terms and
  • Agrees that the Program, Program Managers and its agents are not responsible for any injury loss or damage that may occur to the Applicant as a result of its Application or participation in the



Unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms have the following meaning in these Terms and Conditions:

Program Manager: Chief Scientific Officer or Chief Executive Officer

Participant means an entity that has been selected by the Program Managers to participate in the Program and who agrees to participate in the Program.

Applicant means an entity that has submitted an application through the portal system.


Data we collect

  • For the purpose of creating a login to apply, we will collect your name and contact information.
  • For the purpose of the letter of intent or grant application, we will ask you to provide personally identifiable information and contact information (e.g., name, organizational affiliation, email and etc.).If information requested is marked as “optional,” you are not required to provide that information in order to complete the submission process.

Use of data

  • Submit, receive, review, track and manage letters of intent and grant applications
  • Collect, use, disclose, transfer, and store personal data when needed to process the applications, to publicize the recipients of our grants and to follow the projects.
  • Make decisions about approving and funding grants
  • Communicate with you, including to respond to your inquiries and fulfill your requests;
  • Sending you newsletters, mailings, and information about programs, initiatives, activities, and events by e-mail or another medium;

Security and Password

You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account and for any and all statements made and acts or omissions that occur through the use of your password and account. Therefore, you must take steps to ensure that others do not gain access to your password and account. Our personnel will never ask you for your password. You may not transfer or share your account with anyone, and we reserve the right to immediately terminate your account if you do transfer or share your account.

Where we store and process personal data

Information is stored and processed in the United States.