The CMT Research Foundation is pleased to announce that Erich Fasnacht has joined our team as chief operating officer. He will be responsible for many of the day-to-day operations of the organization, including financial oversight and fundraising. With deep experience and proven results in growing revenue for the ALS Association and Multiple Sclerosis Association, Erich is committed to increasing the number and scale of research projects funded to accelerate treatments for CMT.

The CMT Research Foundation's new COO Erich Fasnacht

Prior to joining the CMT Research Foundation, Erich spent 25 years in both corporate and nonprofit settings, including Home Depot, the Coca-Cola Company, the ALS Association and the Multiple Sclerosis Association. His background and experiences allow him to look at nonprofit marketing and development from a business perspective to drive greater results.

“I am excited to join the CMT Research Foundation and contribute to one of the most exciting and fast-paced areas of neuro-research. CMT has traditionally been underfunded, and there is a significant opportunity to ignite this community to achieve levels of scientific investigation that individuals and families with CMT deserve.”

When Erich is not working to make our communities and world a better place, you will find him spending time with his wife, a Colombian immigrant who now leads an engineering innovation team at a global water company, and four children. His personal life is full of family, music and soccer.

Have a question or idea for Erich? Email him at [email protected].


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Unwilling to accept the slow pace of scientific progress, the CMT Research Foundation is a passionate team of staff and volunteer experts dedicated to finding treatments and cures for CMT during our lifetime. Our audacious goals are only possible thanks to your support and partnership, so we consider you a member of our team, too. Together, we will change the course of CMT during our lifetime — and for every future generation.