We are excited about the announcement that Alan Jackson’s Last Call: One More for the Road Tour will donate $1 for every ticket sold to concerts on his upcoming tour. This is a helpful step towards the necessary funding for research that will help us discover treatments and a cure for CMT.

But ticket sales are not nearly enough to get the job done. Join us, as the CMT Research Foundation sets a goal to generate $50,000 in the next 50 days.

How to Help 

From now until June 20th, use the number 50 to start a personal fundraising campaign. Here are some examples to help get your spring fundraising and goal of 50 started: 

Ask 50 people for a donation 

Swim 50 laps sponsored 

Walk 50 blocks sponsored 

Donate 50 minutes‘ worth of wages

Give $50  

We can’t wait to see what goals you set, and we would love to hear all about them!  Please reach out to our Digital Communications Specialist at [email protected] to share your ideas – or for help getting yours started.  Make sure to tag us along your fundraising journey for your chance to have your efforts shared on our social media platforms.  Together as a community, we can reach our goals and continue to support CMT research so that treatments and cures can be found for all. 

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