The CMT Research Foundation announced that at its annual Global CMT Research Convention this September, it will host a Young Researcher Innovation Forum for CMT Research. The program will introduce the Young Researcher Innovation Grant and provide a platform to discuss key challenges in CMT drug development and brainstorm solutions with key opinion leaders in CMT research.


Designed to inspire young scientists to explore innovative ideas in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease drug development, the grant program will provide $25,000 project-based funding to young researchers with novel ideas that advance CMT research.

“Because of CMTRF’s entrepreneurial spirit that challenges the status quo in CMT research, the overall drug development pipeline for CMT has doubled in the last 6 years to over 32 projects. CMTRF has also increased the number of biotech companies engaged in CMT research,” says Edritz Javelosa, CMTRF Scientific Research Manager. “With the Young Researcher Innovation Forum, we will likewise grow the number of researchers and scientists dedicated to finding treatments or a cure for CMT.”

Prospective applicants must attend the Young Researcher Innovation Forum on Thursday, September 26th at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, MA, or virtually, during the Global CMT Research Convention to qualify for the grant. Travel stipends will be made available for in-person forum participants who apply.

For more information please visit: Young Researcher Innovation Forum.