Riann Egusquiza (ryan egg-uh-ski-tha) PhD has joined The CMT Research Foundation (CMTRF), a patient-led, non-profit focused on delivering treatments and cures for CMT* as Director of Research, a newly created position.  She will report to Cleary Simpson, CMTRF’s CEO, and be responsible for overseeing all CMTRF-funded research and scientific programming for the Global CMT Research Convention providing guidance and advice on the direction and research priority areas for the grants program and the convention. Dr. Egusquiza will also lead the scientific communications to all stakeholders and represent the science of the CMT Research Foundation publicly. Reporting to Dr. Egusquiza will be Edritz Javelosa (Hav-a-low-sa) who becomes Scientific Research Manager.

Based in San Diego, Dr. Egusquiza comes to CMTRF from DTx Pharma (acquired last year by Novartis) where she had been for almost 4 years as a Scientist, Senior Scientist, and Program Team Lead for drug development programs on rare neuromuscular diseases. Dr. Egusquiza holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from University of California, Irvine, a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from California State University, Fresno, and a certificate in regulatory affairs and compliance for pharmaceuticals.

“Having worked on drug development programs for rare neuromuscular diseases, including CMT, Riann has a wealth of knowledge that will enable her to hit the ground running at CMTRF,” says Ms. Simpson “She has maturity and perspective beyond her years that will help us make certain that our investments are made in the most productive research for cures for all types of CMT.”

“I am tremendously inspired by all the work being done by the entire CMT scientific and patient community. I am excited to join the CMTRF to continue the momentum and really push the advancement of CMT drug development research” says Dr. Egusquiza, “I’ve been able to experience firsthand the amazing and rewarding potential that a drug development program can have when key challenges are addressed with thoughtful and creative solutions. I aim to bring that same proactive and strategic energy to the CMTRF to lead to the ultimate goal of providing treatments for all CMT patients.”