The CMT Research Foundation is pleased to announce that James Hendrix, Ph.D., has joined our Scientific Advisory Board to help guide research funding to deliver treatments and cures for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.

Dr. Hendrix is a medicinal chemist with a focus on drug discovery for nervous system diseases. Dr. Hendrix spent 18 years working at Sanofi-Aventis and predecessor companies, where he rose to the level of senior director, U.S. site head for central nervous system research. He also spent two years working in the biotech industry with various companies.

Dr. James Hendrix

“There have been tremendous advances in the science of therapeutics for genetic diseases in recent years, as evidenced by the approval of multiple medications — including gene therapies — for these conditions since 2017. The CMT Research Foundation has a track record of working with researchers to help them advance new ideas and approaches for CMT. I look forward to being part of that effort.”

— Dr. James Hendrix

Dr. Hendrix is the chief scientific officer for LuMind IDSC, a nonprofit focused on advancing research related to the genetic condition trisomy 21, better known as Down syndrome. A critical element of his role is to establish a nationwide Down syndrome clinical trial network and to oversee its first clinical trials. In his role, Dr. Hendrix also builds collaborations with industry, academic and government scientists.

Prior to joining LuMind IDSC, Dr. Hendrix was director of global science initiatives at the Alzheimer’s Association, where he managed industry consortia, including the Global Biomarker Standardization Consortium. He received his Ph.D. and a postdoctoral fellowship in organic chemistry from Colorado State University.

“Dr. Hendrix brings decades of experience in medicinal chemistry and drug development to our Scientific Advisory Board. We are extraordinarily fortunate to be joined by someone with his level of knowledge and experience. Add to this his record of establishing large, international, multidisciplinary research projects, and the fit could not be better. Dr. Hendrix is an excellent addition to an already strong Scientific Advisory Board, and we look forward to benefitting from his expertise as we continue to pursue our mission of delivering treatments for CMT.”

— Dr. Keith Fargo, Chief Scientific Officer of the CMT Research Foundation


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