My name is Anna and I have CMT1A. 

My CMT Symptoms

I fight for CMT to raise awareness to help others.

I fight for CMT to inspire those living with CMT to feel less daunted about the future

I fight for CMT to support research for treatments.

I fight for CMT to help find a cure.

I am a CMTRF Ambassador and recently completed my first fundraiser with the CMT Research Foundation. It was an easy process to set up and I was supported along the way by the CMTRF with ideas and answers to any questions that came up.My fundraiser was sweet and simple: a book swap! After reaching out to friends and family to explain my condition and invite them to join my fundraiser, I started receiving wonderful messages back with interest in learning more about CMT. Even those that were not able to participate in the book swap still visited my page and made a donation!During this time, the CMTRF also secured match funding for donations – this helped my donors feel like they were making twice the difference with their donation. The match is going on until December 31st, 2022, so your donors can double their impact, too!I surpassed my personal fundraising goal and helped educate my community about CMT – and you can, too. Join in on fundraising and help be part of the equation that solves CMT.

Questions about getting started with your fundraiser? Reach out to [email protected] or 440-474-8768.