'Tis the Season for Scientific Breakthroughs

During a year when so many things have been postponed, changed or cancelled, there is one thing that hasn’t stopped — the CMT Research Foundation’s efforts to end CMT. Research continues, even during the holidays, to find treatments and cures as quickly as possible.

While most of the world is focused on finishing online shopping, scheduling festive Zoom calls with friends and family and taking a breath at the end of this hectic year, researchers funded by the CMT Research Foundation will be hard at work this holiday season to uncover scientific breakthroughs. Here’s how several of our researchers will be celebrating by continuing their work for you.

  • In Würzburg, Germany, Professor Rudolf Martini will be working with an animal model of CMT1B to understand whether turning off macrophage activity in the nerves can spare them from axon damage.
  • In San Diego, California, researchers at DTx Pharma will be refining a cutting-edge technology to deliver genetic therapies to the cells of the peripheral nervous system.
  • At the University of Missouri, Drs. Chris Lorson and Michael Garcia will be testing a precision medicine “knock down and replace” genetic therapy strategy in an animal model of CMT2E.
  • In Nicosia, Cyprus, Professor Kleopas Kleopa will be conducting treatment studies of an AAV-based genetic therapy in an animal model of CMT1A.

Nothing will stop research progress to deliver treatments and cures for CMT. Tis the season for scientific breakthroughs.


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